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ArtSideOut 2020

ARTSIDEOUT (ASO) is a large-scale, one-day, multidisciplinary arts festival at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Involving individuals from various walks of life, ASO celebrates the rich diversity of the community. The festival transforms UTSC with site-specific installations, exhibitions, performances, and film screenings. ASO is a result of wide-ranging collaboration between student organizers from various disciplines, community organizations, and passionate artists. WE BRING SCARBOROUGH’S ART SIDE OUT! ARTSIDEOUT 2020’s theme is CONNECTIONS. With the changes that are happening around the world, our lives have shifted in a multitude of ways, from environmental, to economic, and existential changes. It brings about our awareness and appreciation of the connections we have as human beings. As we are “physically distanced,” we have in many ways come closer together through creative and technological means. In thinking about Connections, we invited artists to challenge their adaptability, resiliency, and creativity, to think outside their boundaries in producing multidisciplinary artworks, and to explore what Connections mean in this extraordinary time - and they delivered! This year, we have the incredible opportunity to host the festival 100% online!! Join us on our soon-to-be-released WebApp to participate in this year’s festival. It is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the thriving arts community at UTSC. You’ll have access to view Studio works by dozens of UTSC (and beyond) artists in our online galleries; recorded performances of all types (Music, Spoken Word, Dance, etc!) from our many Performance Artists; access to our online Art Market, where local artists and artisans share and sell their works; and the opportunity to engage in live Art Workshops throughout the day, facilitated by UTSC staff, students, and other amazing local Arts facilitators! For more information about how to engage with the festival this year, please check out our website or reach out to us at . For even more information and to stay updated with all things ASO, follow us on our social media platforms: Our Website - Instagram - Facebook - See you there! #SQUAREUP

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