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As a University of Toronto student, you have access to the University of Toronto Library and Library Services. There are so many perks and services offered at our University, including VPN server access!


VPN (Virtual Private Networks) from UofT (access only available for faculty, staff and students at UofT) can be accessed anywhere around the world; as long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to the University’s VPN and tune in to our programs.


Your UTorID and password are all you need to connect to the University of Toronto VPN.


Detailed instructions on how to connect can be found here:


We are actively trying to find the best strategy for our students from around the world to tune into our show, while also making use of our campus and station resources. We understand that the chosen platform for the broadcast may not be accessible worldwide, and apologize for this inconvenience. However, with this VPN connection method, there is still a way for our international students to tune in and stay connected in countries where YouTube is inaccessible. 


For questions related to accessing your VPN,

we recommend reaching out to UofT Library services here:


If you have any general questions or concerns,

you can email us at


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