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EMPZ 2: 


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Made in a time which Toronto's media has labelled, "The Year of the Gun" (2005), Allan King created a film surrounding the troubled lives of a group of youth in the neighbourhood known as Empringham, in Malvern of Toronto. This film is known as Empz 4 Life.

For a period of time, Allan King followed a group of teens as their lives were affected by gang violence and racial barriers amongst the community, including experiences with police.

Empz 2 After Death was filmed within the span of a year, from September 2018 to September 2019. Returning to the community of Empringham at a time where gun crime statistics are uncannily comparable to the year 2005. We revisit familiar spaces, explore some old memories, and come to see the ways that history has repeated itself in a new generation.

We follow the journey of Shauna Brown, a mother who had lost her son, a talented artist, to gun violence. She ventures through anti-gun activism and the process of studio production to support keeping her late son's music alive.

Side stories include participants who were willing to share their opinions and experiences, how their lives have been affected directly by gun or gang violence in Malvern, Toronto, and various other greater Toronto areas.

Interviews range from former Whitby MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes, late rappers Houdini & Bvlly, following up with original participants from Allan King's film, and many significant figures of Toronto culture.

The film has a unique perspective on Toronto's experience of the gun and gang-related crimes.

Upon visiting the virtual ticketing platform (EVENTBRITE), viewers will be asked to purchase a ticket by making a donation.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to selected charities: Black Lives Matter Canada, Rise Edutainment, and the Empringham School Supply.

Following the donation, the viewer will receive an e-mail including a password that will allow them to watch the film on Radio FWD's website. The password will be accessible from October 1 to October 15.

Registration & password required for viewing.
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Executively Produced by MVDHOUSE

Produced by Hot Freestyle, Radio FWD, Ukai Projects, Jerrold McGrath, Ramisa Tasfia K.U.N.J.O
Directed by WESHIZZLE
Co-Directed by Jan Davis 
Creative Direction by Hannah Leah, Samantha Mok
Edited by Phillipe Bicos, Dale Samuel
Filmed by Tim Tong, Shot By Huss 
Music and Soundtrack by Dale Samuel, Crown La'Trell, Crvnchy,  Reppatwa, Knoackaz, Gee Sorpia,
mixed and mastered by Sammy Sosa at Achieve Dreams Studios and Dale Samuel at Radio FWD
Special Thanks to Shauna Brown and Victor Stewart,  Colleen Murphy, Art Reach 
In Association With University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto Film School, Carlos Bulasan Theatre


In memory of Allan King 


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