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     At Scarborough Campus Community Radio, students and community members have used our platform to express themselves, share music, and broadcast community culture for over 2 decades. Our hosts have had driven personalities, and embody their creativity, awareness, and enthusiasm with consistent quality programming. Hosts have the opportunity to use our online streaming platform to express their views, talent, and musical taste. Radio hosts also commit to producing weekly content during their one-hour* of live air time. 


     Our aim is to foster growing talent at UTSC and the Scarborough Community. As Scarborough’s source for sound, we want you to join us on the air.


     With the DJ Rewards Program, it is possible to earn rewards for consistent, quality programming and contribution to our station’s programming. Apply for a show to learn more.


Radio FWD Host experience includes:

  • Broadcast training and experience

  • Portfolio building

  • Special Broadcast Opportunities (including potential and budget for interviewing talent)

  • Skills Workshops (learn to DJ, market your show, sound workshops, and more)

  • Event and Media Opportunities 

  • A featured page for your show where you will have a say in the content and design

  • Library of accessible episodes for your listeners

  • One hour* weekly show time

  • Access to a high-quality sound recording of your show


Our goal is to facilitate broadcasting and personal expression through media, music, and speech. From one source of sound to another, join Radio FWD and apply now.



*Duration of a show can be extended, subject to performance review 

What We Need From You:

Thanks for submitting! Please note that upon submission of this form, your application may be under review or in queue for a mock show for up to 3 weeks.

During this time we request your patience for our broadcasting protocols, and thank you for your understanding.

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