Image by Obafemi Moyosade
Image by Jamieson Murphy


Singer with Painted Face


JayWood (Jeremy Haywood-Smith) is a Winnipeg-native who his wowing listeners with the release of his 2021 EP, Some Days. The sound of the EP is dynamic and while listening you may notice jazzy chords, indie pop hooks, and psych funk melodies.

Singer with Painted Face


Glutenhead is an up and coming band in the Toronto indie scene that is making a lot of noise. Their recent self-titled EP is a clever blend of various genres. From indie rock, to folk, and even to emo, there is a little bit of everything for everyone on this EP.

Singer with Painted Face


Kennen burst on to the music scene with his debut EP Kennen’s Cassettes, featuring some of the grooviest bedroom pop coming out of Toronto. Kennen quickly captured the attention of thousands on Spotify and Tiktok, and will soon capture yours!

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