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Singer with Painted Face

Fade Awaays

Formed in 2013, Fade Awaays have been a shining example of Toronto’s world class indie rock scene. With each member contributing to lead vocals and songwriting, and their relentless work ethic for playing shows, Fade Awaays is arguably one of the most talented and hardworking bands in the city.

Singer with Painted Face


DijahSB is a Toronto-based rapper, known for their smooth, lofi production, booming bass, riveting synth loops, and their captivating storytelling. With numerous releases over the past two years, DijahSB has shown no signs of slowing down and continues to impress both fans and critics with each release.

Singer with Painted Face


Cutsleeve is a queer, East Asian rock band based in Toronto that has been making a lot of noise since the release of their 2020 debut EP the parts we could not abandon. Cutsleeve is not only wowing us with their music, they also how to be an inspiration and provide support for those who have gone through similar experiences that they talk about in their music.

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